Sommerfest med Tango Extremo

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Date(s) - lørdag 15. juni 2019
18:00 - 23:59



Stort orkester til sommerfesten!  Med Tango Extremo fra Holland kan vi godt garantere et brag af en fest, så lad os fylde Klitgården med glade tangotrin og danse sommeren ind.

Foreløbigt program:

18:00  Dørene åbnes

18:30  Spisning – fælles buffet

20:00  Dans – Tango Extremo spiller to sæt, ellers DJ

Fælles buffet – præcist som vi plejer. Alle tager en ret med til et fælles buffet-bord, ca. så meget som man selv kan spise. Vi planlægger ikke noget, bare tag noget med, som du selv synes er lækkert, så skal det nok blive godt.

Vi har efter aftale på generalforsamlingen valgt at fyre en del af foreningens overskud af på at hyre et stort orkester, så vi kan holde prisen nede:

Forsalg via medlemssystemet: medlemmer 185kr, normalpris 225

Pris i døren: 225kr


Tango Extremo



Om orkesteret

Tango Extremo beskriver sig selv sådan her:

Biography Tango Extremo

This ensemble which is under the direction of violinist Tanya Schaap  is not a standard tango orchestra. The line up is unusual (with soprano saxophone) and the music is not always standard the tango music that we are used to. De group uses styles which are very diverse (a mixture of classical, jazz and Brazilian) but of course, the starting point remains tango. Danceable tango.

Performing an amazingly rich beautiful musical duel, Tango Extremo has touched the hearts of many around the world. Passionate violin and soprano saxophone parties make you feel like you are the main character in your own play. What makes it surprisingly fresh and even more captivating is the blending of the sensuous tango music with funky jazz, touching classical music and energetic Brazilian elements. Tango Extremo shows that tango means living, means dancing, means shelter in the shadow from the sun.

The group, founded in 2003, has played at many venues and stages in a.o. The Netherlands, France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, México, United Kingdom, Turkey, Kurdistan, Ireland, Uruquay, South Korea, Russia, China, Botswana, South Africa, Germany, Denmark, Iceland, Greenland and Argentina. There they were invited as the only non-Argentinean orchestra to play at the most prestigious Tango Festival in the world: The Buenos Aires Tango Festival.


Tanya Schaap violin and artistic direction
Ben van den Dungen soprano saxophone
José Lopretti piano
Gert Wantenaar bandoneon/accordeon
Thomas Pol double bass


These musicians belong to the major league of the classical, Latin and jazz fields in The Netherlands.



  •  ‘El Silencio’ (Munich Records, Sundisc (Taiwan), 2003)
  • ‘Una Cosa Diferente’ (Munich Records, Sundisc (Taiwan), 2004
  • ‘Érase una vez..’ (Maxanter Records The World Series), 2007
  • ‘Carnaval de Buenos Aires’ (Maxanter Records The World Series), 2008
  • ‘Fantango’ (Maxanter Records The World Series), 2011
  • ‘Toujours Bizarre!’ (Maxanter The World Series) 2012
  • ‘Dama de blanco’ (JWA Jazzrecords) 2014
  • ‘Havana’ (JWA Jazzrecords) 2016
  • ‘Club Vaudeville’ (JWA Jazzrecords) 2018


For more info about the group, please visit the following sites:

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