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Date(s) - fredag 5. juni 2015
20:00 - 22:00



Vært: Daniel Hain

Daniel skriver:

Friday practica is supposed to be a time for interaction, exchange and experimentation. There is no class or teaching but open practice, but hopefully everybody will enjoy sharing their experience with others.

Everybody is welcome to explore the facets of this wonderful dance. With or without partner, a lot, a little or no experience in tango, just come and figure out the rest. Other latin dancers are also welcome to explore how to bring a bit of tango in their dancing style.

Music will vary broadly between classical Argentinian tango orchestra, tango nuevo/electrotango, but also other modern music with the right beat and mood for tango (and probably also Zouk, Kizomba etc.)

Looking forward to see you 🙂

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